Backflow Prevention

What is backflow?

Backflow is the undesirable reversal of the flow of water or a mixture of water and other liquids into the distribution pipes of the potable water supply. An example of backflow would be a water hose in a swimming pool or utility sink that could siphon liquid back into the water lines if there was a break in water pressure. These contaminants can travel throughout the potable water supply system causing harm to others.

Backflow prevention Hammond LA


Louisiana state law mandates backflow preventers in a number of applications. State law also states that in the event of a backflow situation, the owner of the business or home is responsible for any damages, illness, or death caused by backflow into the general water distribution pipes.


The law states that the following buildings are required to have a backflow preventer:

  • Hospitals, Veterinarian Clinics, Surgery Centers, Dialysis Centers
  • Funeral Homes, Mortuaries
  • Car Wash
  • Industrial Plant Facilities
  • Food Services, Processing Plants, Restaurants
  • Fire Protection Systems (Sprinkler Lines)
  • Marinas, Docks
  • Radiator Shop
  • Exterminator
  • Photo Processing Facilities
  • Multiple Residential Dwellings (Apartments)
  • Multiple Storied Office Or Commercial Buildings
  • Jails, Detention Centers

*Note: The list above is not inclusive of all potential contamination sources which may need containment protection as specified by Louisiana State Plumbing Code.


Certified Testing

Chris Wrinkles is a certified water protection specialist that is qualified to install, test, and repair backflow systems. Louisiana State Law requires each backflow system to be tested yearly by a water protection specialist.

Testing Procedures

An appointment will be made to perform the testing procedure on the backflow device. Customers should keep in mind that the water service to the building will be interrupted during testing for approximately 20-45 minutes.

Testing Documentation

A backflow testing report will be sent with the invoice so that the customer has a record of the testing. The testing report will provide the documentation needed to address any local or state authorities requesting evidence of backflow testing. As a convenience to the customer, our office will send out a notice as a reminder when yearly testing is due.